Early Pregnancy Scan

Early pregnancy scans are done in 2D and will enable you to see your baby from 7 weeks and we can advise you of an estimated gestation and delivery date. We take pictures and we will always try our best to fit you in the same day where possible if you require an urgent appointment.

Please note: We are a non medical clinic, should we notice something unusual we will refer you to your midwife, GP or local hospital for further medical investigation. We do not actively look for abnormalities as this is a non medical scan for you to simply see your baby in 2D. Please be aware Hello Baby are not responsible for any diagnosis. The estimated delivery date given is just an approximate guide.
We use a trans-abdominal probe not a trans-vaginal probe. In very early pregnancy we may not be able to see as clearly with our probe as with a vaginal probe and are only able to perform this scan on ladies that are 7-12 weeks approx. It is important that you attend your NHS appointments, the exact delivery date will be given at your first hospital scan around 12 weeks, during this scan they will also perform the relevant diagnostic checks.

NHS and any public service, military armed service will receive 10% discount on this scan.

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