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3/4D Bonding Scan

3D and 4D bonding scans allows you see your precious little one doing things that cannot be seen in 2D like sucking their thumb, opening their eyes, blowing bubbles, smiling. It is an experience you will never forget and should you buy memorabilia from your scan it will give you something to treasure for the rest of your life. Many of our customers use these scans pictures along with their early reassurance scan pictures as the first in baby’s album. It is an experience that can never be had again once baby is born and we at Hello Baby look forward to sharing this with you and your family.

The best time for the 4d bonding scans is 26-31 weeks, however we have had amazing images up to 36 weeks (see gallery) The quality of images you will see and the later you may come are dependant upon a few factors. Please see FAQs.
If placenta is anterior (front) it is recommended that you come no later than 27 weeks, we are happy to try outside of this but no refund will be given. In some rare cases it may be impossible to see your baby clearly at all, however we will try out absolute best, but should this happen no refund will be given.

*Have your scan recorded in case you miss something during the scan, and to show friends and family, for just £20 (Please note, if you would like a DVD, this is done under live scanning, so please be sure to mention to the receptionist or lady performing your scan at the beginning). DVDs cannot be guaranteed to be the exact length of your scan, this is due to only recording the best quality of images of your baby at the time. Part of your DVD will be in 2D and partly in 3D, this is due to the reasons mentioned in the clause below.
Please note:

Some of the scan will need to be done in 2D to gain the best images in 3/4D. If you DO NOT wish to know the sex of the baby this is absolutely fine, please advise your Ultrasound technician before the scan. 3D is the still images that may be purchased on a disc, usb or as photographs. 4D is the movement that can be purchased on a DVD.*

NHS and any public service, military armed service will receive 10% discount on this scan.

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